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Year: 1970 Firebird
Owner: John P.
Location: Florida
AllGenTransAms Member: NOT A TA

Additional Car Specs:

Currently running a '74 400 with '68 # 16 heads. 110 leaded race gas for track events,
cut 50% with 93 octane for street use
Speed Demon carb
Holley Blue pump
Performer intake
Canton Road Race pan
MSD Pro Billet distributor and MSD wires
MSD box and Blaster 3 coil
Flowkooler water pump
T 350 W/shift kit
B&M supercooler

Hotchkis springs
Hotchkis Swaybars
Hotchkis offset upper Control Arm Shafts
Bilstein shocks
Subframe connectors
Del-A-Lum control arm bushings
Energy Suspension Poly bodymounts
Driveshaft loop

10 bolt 3.73 for drag racing and short stuff
10 bolt 2.41 for high speed stuff, Built with moser Tapered bearing axles,
Tapered bearing housing ends welded on,
Axle tubes welded to center section,
Aluminum bearing support cover etc.

American Racing Torque Thrust II's ( with Rad Capz of course!) Yokohama AO 32's 275 40 17's and 315 35 17's
Centerlines with Mickey Thompson ET Streets and Mickey skinnys up front (drag race wheels)

B&M Quicksilver shifter
Hurst Roll control (line lock)
Schroth 6 point harnesses (Nascar style HANS compatable)
Full roll cage
Kirkey #63 full containment seats (NASCAR style heavily modified)
Shift light built into stock style tach in dash
Aftermarket gauges
Firefox 10 lb 4 nozzle engine and fuel system fire extinguisher system
Firefox 6.5 lb 3 nozzle passenger compartment system

Emblems removed
Trim shaved or blacked out
Halogen headlights with built in LED turn/park lights
Original park/turn light openings for brake cooling ducts
Tow hooks front and rear
Blacked out wipers
Painted door handles
Rear bumper bolts shaved

Owned since early 90's and almost all work performed by owner. Internal transmission work, roll cage fabrication, and exhast tubing fabrication performed by shops. Body, paint, engine swaps, interior, suspension etc all performed by owner.

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