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Really need help! Vin
« on: September 22, 2015, 09:48:01 PM »
Hi all... Funny that the previous post is about a vin code but i have a similar issue myself.
After restoring a 1978 T/A that was found in a barn, this restoration has taken me 4 years to complete, in which time i rebuilt the original 400 Pontiac block and its factory 4-speed manual box, repaired dents and resprayed in its original black paint with gold decals, new brake lines and a pause in work for 6months due to the loss of my father. Its been a long road and finally ready to hit the road.

.... So i thought

Stupidly as the car was sold to me via the son of the owner as his father passed away and they were moving, he said he couldnt find the papers for the car. As im in the UK we call it a logbook. He promised he would re-register the car for me as soon as he found them. I left him my details and that was that. I was just so happy to find a straight car.

Turns out, after 3years on... I never did have the new logbook delivered and registered in my name. I brought the car for my 5yo son as an investment for him when he reaches the age for university and sell it, or keep it and enjoy it.

After applying for a new one... I found out it was registered scrapped a year before i brought it. That is that. DVLA's answer is: the car is registered as scrapped and therefore can NEVER be restored to the road.

What do i do? Im not interested in racing it but what a shame to lose such a rare manual 400 TA.

So my question is (sorry for the story) does anyone out there have a manual transmission 400 T/A in black 1979 vin code they can send me and maybe even the vin plates they can sell me to re-register the car over here? A junked car would be preferable as i could buy the plates too.
If not... What can i do? Theres just no reasoning with the DVLA