Author Topic: How may Firebird owners also own a Ford Crown Victoria DD?  (Read 1023 times)


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I have been a Trans AM fan since the 70's. Started of with a 79 Smoky and the Bandit with a 400/4speed. We had our second baby and I broke my back in 1980, so the 79 had to go. I still regret selling that car to this day. With the loss of my income, resulting four spinal fusion surgeries, and having to wear a body cast for a year, the DD a large Mercury was kept, and the really clean TA with only 13K miles on it found a new owner. My grandparents stopped driving at about the same time, and they gave us thier old car. It was a 1973 Galaxie 500, with 18K miles on it. It was a typical old low mileage old fart four door with low mileage and dry rotted tires. A new set of rubber and some odds and ends and we had a perfect DD with no payment. We drove the wheels of of that car. Later when I got back to work, the wife wanted a late model wagon, and we ended up with another big Mercury. The Galaxie was downgraded to my DD, and served that duty for many years. 

By 1981 I had recovered for the most part, went back to work, and we had our third child. I still had more surgeries to undergo, but would only be off work for a couple of weeks each time, instead of a year. I moved on to third gens starting with a brand new 1983 WS6, and have owned five thirdgens so far. Since we were raising our family at the same time as getting to own all of these sweet TA's, we aways needed a DD, usually a big four-door something. We got into the habbit of buying a new or near new Crown Victoria every few years. The cars are touble free, and will run longer then one wants to keep them. We bought one full size Chevy, but caught h*** from the wife's family as they were all diehard F*** people.

Now with the children all grown, and 13 grandchildren, a different wife, and I am still driving Trans AM's as weekend cruisers and Crown Vic's as DD's. The second wife loves her 08 Vic. When Ford announced that production would cease in 2011, we decided to upgrade our 04 and our 97 to an 07 and an 08. That was in 08. The funny thing is that every year when we attend the F-Body Gatherings in Atlanta or the Rod Run on Pigeon Forge, I post pics of all the beautiful F-Body cars on the Crown Vic site. It is always amazing how many CV owners also have Trans AM's, because there are always a number of members of that site that post pics of their TA's in response to my posts.

Maybe it is because both types of cars are front engine-rear drive, or maybe because both types of cars are V-8 powered? Does anyone else on this site also own a big F*** full size car? Or, how many members own some sort of large domestic V-8 powered sedan, like an LT1 powered Caprice?   

Jeff Rager

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Re: How may Firebird owners also own a Ford Crown Victoria DD?
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My Fbody cars are for fun, My daily driver is an F250, Fords right now are one of the most rouble free cars out there in my opinion. My Wife had an 02 Mustang GT until my son recently totalled it.....Teenagers!!! It was her DD. Now she has a 350Z, Not usually an import person, but that car is super fun to drive, and the Teenager isn't touching this one...Period!!!
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Re: How may Firebird owners also own a Ford Crown Victoria DD?
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Jeff I have a 79 F-250 now too!
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